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Climate in Cusco

climate in cusco

The climate in the city of Cusco is relatively temperate, with cold nights and sunny days depending on the season in which we find ourselves. In Cusco, there are two very marked seasons or seasons: the dry season and the rainy season. each one has its peculiar behavior in temperatures and from one moment to another it can change significantly. You can go from bright sunshine to downpour in just a few minutes. The average temperature fluctuates between 13ºC. (55.4ºF) and 15ºC. (59ºF), this is the case in almost the entire southern region of Peru.

How is the climate in the Cusco region?

Cusco is a different tourist destination than other places in many aspects, and it is also different in terms of climate. You should pay special attention to this during your travels, since most of the activities you have to do require walking and being outdoors.

Climate factors in Cusco

The climate of Cusco is largely due to the effects of the wind. The wind on the plateau is dry and cold, however, due to differences in terrain, the wind in various areas tends to be warmer and more humid.
Another important factor of the climate in Cusco is due to the altitude where the city of Cusco is located, as we already know Cusco is located at 3,300m.a.s.l. Also added to these factors we have the great Andes mountain range that makes Cusco located in a frigid area in the dry season.

Stations in Cuzco

As we had mentioned before, Cusco has two very marked seasons throughout the year: the dry season and the rainy season.
Dry Season.- The dry season is more noticeable from the month of May to the month of November, however on some occasions there are usually days where there may be some sporadic rains due to a change in air currents and wind.
Rainy Season.- The rainy season occurs with greater intensity from the month of December to the month of April, however in some years there were short summers due to the climate change that we are currently experiencing.

Temperatures in Cuzco

As we have seen, the climate in Cusco is very changeable, at times there can be a radiant sun and after a few minutes it can even rain. One factor in these changes is undoubtedly climate change and the change in winds and humidity that these sudden changes produce. .
Given these changes, what we can give as information are average temperatures. The average temperature varies between 13ºC. (55.4ºF) and 15ºC. (59ºF).
The maximum temperature during the day can reach 23ºC. (73.4ºF). At night, the cold can drop to 2ºC. (35.6ºF).

And how is the weather in Machu Picchu?

Due to its location on the edge of the jungle, Machu Picchu has a warmer climate compared to the city of Cusco. The maximum temperature can reach 25ºC. (77ºF). The minimum temperature can drop to 8ºC. (46.4ºF).
As in the city of Cusco, the rainy season of Machu Picchu occurs from November to March. The dry season is from April to October.

What to bring on your visit to Cusco

According to the time in which you decide to visit Cusco and Machu Picchu, you must bring the following:
If you visit Cusco in the rainy season, do not forget to bring waterproof clothing, as well as footwear that allows you to walk safely on wet and slippery surfaces. Above all, do not forget to take a rain poncho everywhere. The rains do not happen all day but can happen at any time.
If you visit Cusco in the dry season, bring sun protection (cap, hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen). Wear light comfortable clothes for the day and warm clothes for the nights. A windbreaker and a jacket will suffice.

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