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Humantay Lake how to get there

humantay lake trek

In the world, there are many beautiful and unimaginable places that dazzle with their natural beauty. And in Peru, among one of its natural treasures, it has a Turquoise Colored Lagoon called Laguna Humantay. Surrounded by majestic snow-capped peaks and mountains, this lagoon has become an important destination for thousands of tourists and hikers from around the world. And although the lagoon is not part of the tourist circuit of Cusco for your visit, it has been one of the most wonderful places on the entire route until you reach the Humantay lagoon, so I recommend that you visit it when you are about to visit the city of Cusco.


Are you planning to travel to the Humantay Lagoon?

Good idea, if you are in Peru, you should not miss it! a visit to this beautiful lagoon a place taken from a postcard

Don’t know how to get to Humantay?

Do not worry. In this post, you will have all the information on how to get to Laguna Humantay and all the options it has. Laguna Humantay is one of the best full-day tours you can take from Cusco, so if you plan to visit Cusco, don’t miss this guide,

The Humantay Lagoon is located in the middle of the Andes Mountain Range, surrounded by incredible valleys and inter-Andean landscapes, it is located between the Salkantay and Humantay mountains at 4,200 meters above sea level.

Ways to get to Laguna Humantay

You have two ways to get to the turquoise lagoon that we will describe below.

Laguna Humantay on your own

Getting to the free humantay lagoon is a challenge due to many factors, one of them is how complicated it is to take transportation and get food. In any case, to make the tour to the humantay lagoon on your own, the starting point will be the city of Cusco, for which you will have to wake up very early at 4 am and take a car/bus from the Arcopata bus terminal to that takes you from Cusco to the community of Mollepata, the cost of the service is 15 soles for the time of 1 hour and 40 minutes. In Mollepata you will have to take the opportunity to have breakfast and then you will have to take a taxi service or collective cars to Soraypampa. The cost of this service is between 50 to 60 soles. My recommendation is that several tourists get together so that the cost is more feasible. . In Soraypampa you will start the walk to the humantay lagoon but before you will have to pay the entrance ticket to the lagoon cost for national and foreign tourists is 15 soles. the time of the walk is approximately 1 hour and a half depending on the physical state in which you are. If you are not used to long walks, you also have the option to rent a horse and thus reach the famous turquoise lagoon. When you arrive at the lagoon you will have enough time to walk along its shores and take excellent shots. The return will be easier since it will be the same route by which you came, however you must take into account that the return cars and buses have a schedule for the return to Cusco.

Laguna Humantay with Agency

The humantay lagoon has had great popularity in a short time, for which there are many tourist service providers that will take you to it, although not all of them are as complete as these: By Agency is the best option, it will give you the ease of taking a tour without worries, without hurry since they include transportation, guide, food, entrance ticket, first aid kit, among other necessary elements for the walk and visit this natural wonder.

Best time to go to Laguna Humantay?

To fully enjoy the landscape and the Humantay lagoon, it is advisable to visit it between the months of April to November, since it is the dry season in the Peruvian highlands.

Recommendations for trekking

  • You must acclimatize in Cusco for at least one day.
  • Wear waterproof shoes with good soles for walking.
  • In case of altitude sickness, you can take soroche pills (pills for soroche) or coca candies.
  • Bring water or a hydrating drink.
  • Don’t forget to have cash available for souvenirs and tips.
  • Sleep well the day before to have all the energy for the walk.
  • Take candies, chocolates for the road.
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