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10 Top Tourist Attractions in Peru

top tourist attractions in peru

Peru is one of the most mega-diverse and beautiful countries in Latin America due to its three regions, Costa, Sierra, and Selva, among them, you can find beaches, cosmopolitan cities, archaeological sites, wonderful landscapes, mountains, history, its people, customs and its gastronomy. which makes it difficult to choose places to visit. With so much diversity and options, it is difficult to plan a route that combines history, adventure among many travel alternatives and experiences to get to know Peru. Among the most outstanding wonders to visit is undoubtedly the Inca city of Machu Picchu designated as one of the 7 Wonders of the world.
We leave you with the 10 most popular tourist places in Peru, so you don’t miss its culture, gastronomy, and biodiversity. Do not miss the best tourist attractions in Peru that we mention below.


1.- Lima.

Lima capital of Peru is perfect between tradition and contemporary architecture. Walking through its streets is to admire its churches, archaeological sites, and mansions with balconies that coexist with modern buildings. In 1991, its Historic Center has declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and recognized in 2013 with the Travelers’ Choice award as the best emerging destination.
Its beaches are perfect for surfers and on its boardwalks, the gentle breeze cools bike rides and walks. You can also paraglide over the Pacific Ocean.
Lima respects its past and achieves the perfect harmony between tradition and contemporary architecture. Walking through its streets is to admire its churches, archaeological sites and mansions with balconies that coexist with modern buildings. In 1991, its Historic Center was declared Cultural Heritage of Humanity
Due to the excellent quality and passion of Peruvian chefs, Lima is also famous for being home to one of the best cuisines in the world, is known as the Gastronomic Capital of America, housing among its many neighborhoods, inexhaustible places to enjoy the spicy flavors that are present in its more than 400 typical dishes.
lima ciudad

2.- Machu Picchu (Cusco)

It is not surprising that Machu Picchu (Old Mountain) is the most visited place in Peru. This stone architectural wonder, dating from the mid-15th century, is located in the middle of the jungle.
Machu Picchu is the site of an ancient Inca city, in the Andes of Peru located at 2,430 meters (8,000 feet), this beautiful place is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is one of the best-known symbols of the ancient Inca Empire, and It is one of the famous and spectacular ruins in the world. Also, it is one of the new wonders of the modern world, a visit to Peru would not be complete without visiting Machu Picchu.
Even today, it is a mystery how they managed to take huge blocks of stone to the top of the mountain and build such a spectacular exponent of their knowledge and culture.
machu picchu cusco

3.- Rainbow Mountain (Cusco)

The Mountain of 7 Colors or also called Vinicunca Mountain is one of the recently discovered natural attractions, however, in a short time, its attraction has had a great reception in Peruvian and foreign tourists such that around 2000 people a day arrive at this mountain located at 5100 meters above sea level. Despite being located at this height, travelers climb Rainbow Mountain in order to get to know and enjoy its color and the landscapes that surround it.

montana de 7colores cusco

4.- Colca Canyon (Arequipa)

The Colca Canyon is one of the most popular excursions in Arequipa formed by the erosion of the Colca River achieving one of the deepest on earth, reaching 3400 meters in the Canco area. A destination that combines the wealth of beautiful inter-Andean natural settings, towns and people who continue to preserve their ancestral customs, where you can enjoy hot springs and excellent settings for adventure sports such as rafting and kayaking, paragliding, mountain biking. , mountaineering, trekking, horseback riding among others.

canon del colca arequipa

5.- Lake Titicaca (Puno)

It is also called the “Sacred Lake” which is the highest navigable lake in the world and is considered one of the most popular attractions due to the great importance it had for ancient cultures such as the Tiwanaku and the Inca. It is the second-largest lake in South America and the highest navigable lake in the world, its more than 8 thousand square kilometers are shared by Bolivia and Peru.
This paradise is ideal for lovers of tourism as it is one of the most beautiful and mysterious places in America, which is why it receives thousands of visitors daily.
Also, it is recommended to wear plenty of warm clothes and always be prepared for the rain, because the weather is quite frigid

puno lago titicaca

6.- Nazca Lines (Nazca)

Dare to visit the enigmatic Nasca Lines are curious geoglyphs (figures built using stones). They are located in the Pampas de Jumana, in the Nasca desert, between this city and Palpa. Both the creators and the meaning of these striking abstract and animal figures remain a mystery, but the truth is their discovery. Tourism in this area is directly related to the Nazca lines and archaeological complexes, the city has comfortable hotels and restaurants, easy land access from Lima, Ica, or Arequipa, and an aerodrome without regular air traffic, but widely served by airlines. -taxi from Ica or Lima.

lineas de nazca

7.- Choquequirao (Cusco)

Choquequirao a “jewel” nestled in the heart of the jungle of Peru, the ancient city of Choquequirao, in Cusco, is known as “the sister city of Machu Picchu” this beautiful Inca citadel surprises everyone who visits it, because A long time ago it became known about this majestic place, thus arousing the interest of many tourists and researchers. For its impressive terraces, ceremonial squares, temples, and network of Inca roads. This route to Choquequirao is without a doubt of the treks in Peru, it is one of the most demanding, sacrificed, long, and above all, beautiful but well worth doing.

choquequirao peru

8.- Iquitos (Loreto)

Iquitos is one of the main attractions, it is the city of charm and flavor. Located in the northeastern part of the Peruvian territory. In addition to having exotic landscapes with a variety of fauna and flora, it has become one of the most visited cities by Peruvians and foreigners. You can also tour the mighty Amazon River, delighting yourself with its forests and animals. Travelers recommend visiting the market and “floating city” of Bethlehem, seeing the colorful creatures at the butterfly farm and an animal rescue center, as well as taking a cruise on the great river.
Visit this city and discover its charm!!!!

iquitos loreto

9.- Manu National Park (Madre de Dios)

Manu National Park is an ideal tourist destination for people looking to delve into the Amazon jungle, observe wild animals and meet with local tribes. Manu’s impressive wealth is undoubtedly the result of its geographical location. This is how it is possible to house alpine species, mountain forests, and lowland jungles. This space includes an area that is over 4,000m high in the Andes Mountains and 280m high in the Amazon lowlands, representing a large altitude gradient and encompassing many different ecosystems.

manu madre de dios

10.- Mancora(Piura)

This is our latest selection of the most visited tourist places in Peru
Máncora is a fishing bay located near the provinces of Talara, Piura, northern Peru, and Tumbes. Due to its warm waters, its excellent waves, and its dry tropical climate, it has become a popular beach for Peruvian and foreign surfers. The area also includes Colán, Punta Sal, Totoritas, Pocitos, Cabo Blanco, and other beaches and bays, so Máncora has become the potential tourist center of Peru.

mancora piura

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